Appel à projet

Multidisciplinary, Benoit addresses areas varied as painting, sculpture, photography, video, neon or installation. Attracted by complex processes, he creates collaborations with other artists and craftsmen.


The idea first. Benoit places technique and materials at the service of the most effective expression and transmission of the idea. Wishing to make his reflection accessible to the greatest number, he sometimes goes as far as to insert the question asked or elements of answers within his work.


Behind his staggered plastic works appear two universal problems that are dear to him: life and time.


For example, the fragility of life is highlighted in the series « Tears for Life »: inclusions in the form of tears. The time that passes is tamed through the series « Traces of life ».

Create to feel alive

Play to remain wild

Exhibit to initiate a dialogue

Inspired by the new realists, the humor of Magritte or the conceptual work of Duchamp, Benoit Dutour uses a wide range of techniques and mediums to offer multiple entry points into his universe.


  • 2007   Willinsky & Scotto & 3 Temps Culture Lab in Paris
  • 2015    Solo-show at gallery Etienne de Causans  « rue de Seine », Paris
  • 2016   Bryan Cave, Paris
  • 2019   Solo-show campus Ferrero (N°1 tennis player in 2003) in Spain
  • 2019   Collective exhibition at gallery N’Oblige, Paris
  • 2019   Series «Tears for Life» in the flagship of the luxury brand Smalto, Paris
  • 2020   Gallery Teodora, Paris



  • 2015   Art video « Shooting Stars » at Palais de Tokyo (via Souvenirs From Earth)
  • 2019    Series “Tears for life” in Montsouris parc during Nuit Blanche 19
  • 2019   Contribution to the “Amazing Panda” project in collaboration with the “Shanghai Exhibition Center” and Galeries Lafayette in China
  • 2020   Series « Tears of life » Place des Vosges during Nuit Blanche 20



  • 2021   Painting « Easter confined »  integrates the permanent collection of the MUCEM in Marseille
  • 2021   Optical Art Museum of Porrentruy (POPA) in Switzerland



  • 2014   Drouot Paris
  • 2017   1 painting offered to the benefit of France Kurdistan
  • 2021   Drouot Online Paris
  • 2022   Art on a Postcard. Summer auction. 4 paintings offered to the benefit of the Hepatitis C Trust


Thanks to the city of Paris


Thanks to Jean-Luc Amsler


Thanks to Jerry Huang

Contribution to the “Amazing Panda” initiative: design and customization of a Panda inspired by one of the 56 Chinese minority nation.

My choice: The YOA minority based in the mountainous terrain of the southwest and south of China & in Vietnam. In the last census, the YOA people numbered 2.637.421 in China. This number is on the left foot of my Panda. The # symbol is also seen in many of the YOA fabrics, long before Instagram!

Pandas were visible at the Shanghai Exhibition Center and travelled 2 months in the Galeries Lafayette stores in the main cities of China.

A way to valorize minority cultures through Art viewed by a collective of international artists.



Thanks to Just Cage & Patrick Masson


Thanks to Rexel


Personal collection of pieces of Art offered, exchanged, inherited or acquired to artists I’ve met personally or professionally.  Respect and appreciation for the quality and uniqueness of their Art are the only drivers to this collection


Luis Cavaco, Victor Charreton, Hubert Deschamps, Dundjian, Marie-Marie Dutour, F-A Dutour, Maurice Falise, Giorgio, Charlie Lemindu, Catherine Le Runigo, Ronald Martinez, Patrick Masson, Paule, Titane, Jules Viera